Special, in person, One Day Sessions...
 Pinal Dave
16thand 17th May 2019
Special, in person, One Day Sessions...
 Pinal Dave
16thand 17th May 2019
Special, in person, One Day Sessions...
 Pinal Dave
16thand 17th May 2019
Special, in person, One Day Sessions...
 Pinal Dave
16thand 17th May 2019

Hello, I'm Kevin

Welcome to SQL Training Ltd

Thank you for choosing my site when considering your next step towards vastly improving your SQL Server knowledge. Have a look around and, crucially, get in touch with me if you have any questions at all.

Who Am I


Having spent over 12 years using SQL Server and attaining some of the highest accreditation with the product, I wish to help others and impart as much knowledge as I can back into the SQL community.

My Mission


I aim to remove the mystery around SQL Server, to help our customers get the most out of their hardware and licensing costs, and to vastly improve the knowledge and career progression options for both SQL Devs and DBAs.

What I Do


At SQL Training I aim to be a little different to the mainstream, providing an all-round and in depth view of SQL Server from a real world perspective rather than focussing on theory alone.

My History
I have worked with SQL Server for 15+ years and, throughout that time, I have worked in numerous different industries and varying size of company, all of which has seen me use SQL Server in many different guises and adapting the product to many different methodologies and requirements. During my time I have also travelled all over the world getting instruction from the top names in SQL Server including those who wrote large portions of the product at Microsoft, many of whom are still good friends and a very good source of information.

Due to the above I have found that my employment, whether permanent or contract, has invariably involved my being asked to present SQL Server training sessions to anyone who uses the product (DBAs, Developers, or even management) in order to pass on some of my knowledge within query and server tuning, server and database architecture, and deep internals of the product. As it turns out, I'm not only enthusiastic about the product but I also especially enjoy teaching and helping others get the very best out of the software. Therefore, following post training feedback from several employers, I decided to start a new venture and launched SQL Training.
My Process


Clear Explanation

All of our courses are instructor led and utilise PowerPoint presentations to introduce the subject material at each stage. This provides a clear foundation to both the narrative and live demonstrations ensuring students fully grasp the information.


Demo Rich Teaching

Theory can be great, and we teach a lot of it. However, theory only takes a student so far and therefore we insist on filling our courses with live demonstrations to ensure that all theory can be backed up with code and seen working in practice.


Provision of Scripts

We provide a lot of demonstrations, but these are no use if you can’t reproduce them in your office or on your laptop. With this in mind we ensure that all scripts are provided as a download to all students at the end of each course.


Teacher Interaction

Saving questions until the end can cause confusion and a failure to grasp a concept in full, therefore we encourage questions to be asked as and when they occur. This provides excellent clarification of all concerns before the course moves on.



Sometimes a question may occur but not be applicable to a specific topic or pertinent to the whole class. We remain in the classroom during lunch and after class and are approachable to answer any and all questions, no matter the topic.


Learning Environment

Everyone has their preferred method of classroom learning, but nearly all agree that being treated as an adult is key. With this in mind, although structured and always professional, we run a relaxed environment for people to learn in.

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Why Choose SQL Training?

Reason 1

The depth of knowledge that is simply not available in person elsewhere to give you specific answers and true insight into how best to utilise the product.

Reason 2

Our courses cater for all levels and roles to give you the very best instruction specifically tailored for your business and career requirements.

Reason 3

All course material, demo code, and even ad-hoc questions are provided to all students at the end of the course to ensure all new knowledge is maintained.

Would you like to discuss your training requirements with me?
I'm always happy to help so, whatever your question, simply give me a call or send me a message and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.
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