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Professional SQL Server Training Courses

Learn Microsoft SQL Server from Expert Trainer and Consultant Kevin Urquhart.

Welcome to SQL Training

Our aim through our Training Courses is to remove the mystery surrounding the product and provide a deep and thorough understanding that will lead to instant and noticeable returns in your company's investment.

Expert Knowledge

Providing deep insights into the product no matter the ability or experience.

Course Variety

Off the shelf and fully customisable courses catering for all requirements.

Real Solutions

Learning you can use in the real world to make noticeable improvements.

Training Materials

You leave with all slides and demo scripts to ensure learning retention.

Small Classes

We heavily restrict our class sizes in order to ensure a quality learning environment for all attendees.

Informal Environment

Although the material is formal our format isn't, encouraging the asking of questions to ensure learning.

Relevant Material

We include both theory and practical knowledge that you can use straight away for noticeable improvements.

More Information

About SQLTraining

Working with SQL Server across numerous different companies and industries I have found that, invariably, there is a shortfall of knowledge and the employer would request some training. Following post training feedback from several employers, I decided to start a new venture and launched SQL Training.

Our Courses

Everyone comes into the world with zero SQL Server knowledge and, with this in mind, our course offerings cater for all levels and abilities. Whether a novice or an expert, or maybe even just dabble as part of another role, we have courses to improve your skillset, working practices, and career progression.

Our Locations

This is the hardest part of any bespoke Training firm because, as a startup we have no fixed offices. However, we are happy to travel, running courses up and down the country within city centre Regus style facilities or hotels. We are also more than happy to run on-site courses anywhere in the UK.

Low Prices

Competitive rates and flexible service options to meet all budgets.

Chat with the team

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Why Choose SQL Training

We Offer Real Results

We teach not only how to use and code in SQL Server but also how the product works and why in order to ensure you gain applicable knowledge.

We Offer Structured Learning

Our training is structured from start to finish to ensure no stone is left unturned and all material and concepts are learnt thoroughly.

We Offer Continued Support

We provide all materials, demo scripts, and demo databases for you to practice what you learnt. We can also provision a cloud server to use.

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Our Approach

Clear Explanation

Our courses are instructor led, utilising PowerPoint presentations to introduce the subject material at each step of the way. This provides a clear foundation to both the narrative and live demonstrations.

Demo Rich Teaching

Theory can be great but, although we teach a lot of it, theory only takes a student so far. We fill our courses with live demonstrations to ensure all theory is backed up with code and seen working in practice.

Provision of Scripts

We provide numerous demonstrations but these are no use if you can’t reproduce them in your office or on your laptop. With this in mind we ensure all scripts are provided to all students at the end of each course.

Teacher Interaction

Saving questions until the end can cause confusion and a failure to grasp a concept in full. We encourage questions to be asked as and when they occur, providing excellent clarification before the course moves on.


Sometimes a question may occur but not be applicable to a specific topic or pertinent to the whole class. We remain in the classroom during lunch and breaks and are approachable to answer any and all questions.

Learning Environment

Everyone has their preferred method of classroom learning but nearly all agree that being treated as an adult is key. Hence, although structured and always professional, we run a relaxed environment to best learn in.

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