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Our experience and knowledge mean that we are more than just a training firm. We are happy to speak to you about any other SQL based services you require, no matter what your budget or requirements.

How we can help you?
For many companies SQL Server is not just a product but the core of their business. It drives sales, research, and much more. Sometimes, to achieve this, training alone simply isn't enough and on site or remote help is required. This is where our services come into their own as we realise that every company is unique and therefore our business plan allows us to cater for all eventualities, requirements, and budgets.

As part of the SQL Training brand we also provide Consultancy for short term system audits and advice, Contracting services for longer projects, and even a Remote DBA service for those who have no in-house specialist, no budget to house one, but would still like the peace of mind that your servers are in safe hands, being maintained and monitored to the highest standard.

Feel free to browse our services and, crucially, do get in touch for further details and information.


We offer some of the most comprehensive training available, offering everything from absolute beginner through to SQL Server deep dives for the seasoned professional.



If you have any SQL Server issues and require someone on site to help or guide you, we offer the highest level of Consultancy service to suit any need.


Remote DBA

A Remote DBA service for those who don't require a full time DBA, but want the peace of mind of having a fully monitored and maintained system by our expert knowledge and top level software.



For projects of 3-24 months, we offer the highest levels of expertise via our contracting service in order to ensure your projects run as smoothly as possible and with the best results.



A small selection of in house written software to help you get the most of your SQL Servers.



Our company blog site where you can find numerous articles and useful pieces of code to help with your immediate SQL Server needs.

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