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  • Need to know where we are?

    Sadly no-one can be in all places at all times and everyone has to have somewhere they can call home, therefore this is where you can find us...

  • Where do we call home?

  • We are based in Three Bridges, just outside of Gatwick Airport and on the London to Brighton mainline.

    Due to the majority of our courses running over several days we prefer to utilise the local Holiday Inn (details below) which provide us with their conference room and full refreshments throughout.

    We are also in the relatively unique position in that this is just a few mins walk from a local business school (RMJPI London Business Academy, details below) who provide us with use of their Pearson Vue exam room for anyone wishing to take their certification exams at the end of their course.

    Please note that as our needs can vary due to the size of class (our policy has a minimum class size of 3 and a maximum of 15 attendees), we do sometimes alter our venue, utilising the Worth Business Centre (details below), or other local hotels.  This information will be confirmed at time of booking.

  • HolidayInn

    Holiday Inn

    The local Holiday Inn is our location of choice.  It has a lovely, spacious meeting room and is also a firm favourite with previous attendees when staying in Three Bridges for our 2 to 4 day courses.

    The rooms are comfortable and there is a Harvester literally next door if you wish to unwind or grab an evening meal.  It is within a short walk of the town centre, alternatively there is also a bus stop just outside.

  • WorthBC

    Worth Business Centre

    Although the Holiday Inn is our first choice, it's not always practical if we have a smaller class size or for some of our much shorter courses.

    Under these circumstances we need to relocate and have the excellent alternative option of the Worth Business Centre.  Again, just a 10 min walk from Three Bridges train station this has a lovely little meeting room that is ideal for a smaller group.


    RMJPI London Business Academy

    The RMJPI London Business Academy is just a stone's throw from Three Bridges train station and where we book all of our Certification exams if being taken at the end of our courses.

    This is predominantly a very high standard Accountancy training facility who also have a Pearson Approved exam room, allowing for Microsoft Certification exams to be held on site.

  • Rail

    Three Bridges Station

    Obviously this isn't a training site, but deserves a mention as being our focal point of operation due to its links and location.

    Three Bridges train station is very accessible, being on the London to Brighton mainline and just 35 mins from either London Bridge or London Victoria.  Our main training rooms and exam centre are all within a 10 min walk of the station, earning it a notable mention.

  • Would you like to discuss your training requirements with me?

    I'm always happy to help so, whatever your question, simply give me a call or send me a message and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.