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  • Everyone comes into the world with zero SQL Server knowledge and, with this in mind, our course offerings cater for all levels and abilities.  Whether you are a novice or an expert, or maybe even just dabble as part of another role, we have courses to improve your skillset, working practices, and career progression.

  • Course Delivery

  • We are pleased to offer classes as follows:

    • From our offices in Three Bridges, West Sussex, just next to Gatwick Airport
    • WebEx remote learning for those who cannot, or would rather not, travel
    • On-site training for those who prefer to utilise their own office space
    • We also offer occasional in-person courses in Central London.  Email us for details

Beginner Courses

An Introduction to SQL Server

This course is designed to introduce you to SQL Server, to explain how it works, what the main objects are, how they fit together, and provide a thorough understanding of the basics and how to use them well and with confidence in the workplace.

1 Day Course | £395.00 (+ VAT)


Sunday 9th September 2018
Sunday 9th December 2018
Sunday 20th January 2019

An Introduction to T-SQL

The purpose of this course is to provide a firm grounding in t-SQL querying, leaving all attendees with a firm understanding of the structure of a t-SQL query and with the confidence to write good t-SQL code against their servers.

2 Day Course | £795.00 (+ VAT)


Thursday 22nd - Friday 23rd November 2018
Monday 11th - Tuesday 12th February 2019

Accidental DBA

By the end of this course you will be able to confidently maintain and monitor SQL Server, alongside having a thorough understanding of disaster recovery, index maintenance, and baselining so that you can deal with any issues raised and remain calm and in control should a crisis ever arise. This information will be the underlying knowledge to build on when looking to improve and upgrade your career.

2 Day Course | £795.00 (+ VAT)


Monday 3rd - Wednesday 5th December 2018
Thursday 14th - Friday 15th February 2019

Microsoft Certification

98-364 Microsoft Database Fundamentals (MTA)

Candidates for this exam are seeking to prove introductory knowledge of and skills with databases, including relational databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server.

This course is preparation for the "Microsoft Technology Associate in Database Fundamentals" certification.

3 Day Course | £1195.00 (+ VAT)


Monday 3rd - Wednesday 5th September 2018
Monday 17th - Wednesday 19th December 2018

70-761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL (MCSA)

This exam is intended for SQL Server database administrators, system engineers, and developers with two or more years of experience who are seeking to validate their skills and knowledge in writing queries.

This training provides focusses on the requirements for the 70-761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL.

This is one half of the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate SQL 2016 Database Development certification.

3 Day Course | £1195.00 (+ VAT)


Monday 17th - Wednesday 19th September 2018
Monday 7th - Wednesday 9th January 2019

70-762 Developing SQL Databases (MCSA)

This exam is intended for database professionals who build and implement databases across organisations and who ensure high levels of data availability.  Their responsibilities include creating database files, data types and tables; planning, creating and optimising indexes; ensuring data integrity; implementing views, stored procedures and functions; and managing transactions and locks.

This training provides focusses on the requirements for the 70-762 Developing SQL Databases.

This is one half of the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate SQL 2016 Database Development certification.

4 Day Course | £1595.00 (+ VAT)


Monday 1st - Thursday 4th October 2018
Monday 21st - Thursday 24th January 2019

Intermediate Courses

T-SQL for Application Developers

The purpose of this course is to ensure that Application Developers who use SQL Server understand some SQL Server internals in order to write highly performant and re-usable code when developing their applications.

2 Day Course | £795.00 (+ VAT)


Thursday 18th - Friday 19th October 2018
Thursday 31st January - Friday 1st February 2019

Advanced T-SQL Performance Tuning

The purpose of the course is to provide SQL Developers with a deep knowledge of the SQL Server Optimizer and Execution engines to enable them to write highly performant code and get the very best performance from their servers.

3 Day Course | £1195.00 (+ VAT)


Wednesday 31st October - Friday 2nd November 2018
Monday 4th - Wednesday 6th February 2019

Advanced Courses

Enterprise Features

With the release of SQL Server 2016 SP1, Microsoft unlocked its Enterprise Features to all SQL Server editions. This course is aimed at DBAs and Developers who have yet to use Enterprise and wish to know what those features are, how they work, and whether they should be considered in their environment.

2 Day Course | £795.00 (+ VAT)


Thursday 8th - Friday 9th November 2018
Monday 18th - Tuesday 19th February 2019

  • * In person courses are subject to a minimum attendance.  If this is not achieved, a substitute WebEx session will be offered prior to any payment being taken.

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